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Sao Paulo City Guide

To most people when they think of Sao Paulo, they just think big city; and while that is easily justifiable with between 18 to 24 million people living here, there is more to this city than just its size! You will find a vibrant cosmopolitan with lots of places to visit; restaurants to try a whole world of cuisine, and an amazing night-life with places pumping every night of the week! A couple of words to learn before coming is Sampa (another name for Sao Paulo); and also Paulista (what Brazilians call the people from this city).

Sampo is Brazil's, and probably Latin America's business capital; here you will find that appointment times are met punctually which is not the norm for the rest of Latin America who have a more relaxed attitude. Sao Paulo is the capital city of the same named Brazilian State, and although it is one of the richest cities in the Southern Hemisphere, you also have profound poverty which you will notice on the streets. Dispite this the city is well worth a few days to explore several colourful districts such as the historical centre, Liberdade, Vila Madalena and a central park to rival that of New York's.


Sao Paulo Must-do's

1. Check-out the famous nightlife

2. Walk around the Vila Madalena district

3. Japanese food at the Liberdade district

4. View the city from the Edificio Italia

5. Football Musuem


Although very hot during summer, at approx 700m above sea-level, Sao Paulo can be a little chilly at night (esp. in the winter, June to Sept, when temperatures range from 5-20 degrees Celsius).  Can rain at any time!

Getting Around

The best way to get around this large city is via the subway system or 'Metro' as it is called in Sao Paulo. You buy tickets for about R$3 each which a small cardboard tokens which you feed to the turnstile machine to enter. Maps are found at each station to help you navigate. Click here for a cool interactive map which shows you the sites of interest and proximity to the Metro.

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