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Backpacking Salvador


Salvador de Bahia is one of the most authentically colonial places of Brazil. Travelers from all over the world come to see its mixture of culture. It used to be the capital at the beginning of the Portuguese colonialism, a time when came hundreds of slaves from Africa. This gave the city the legacy of different cultures: Portuguese, African, and indigenous- that can be appreciated in every corner of the city. Bahia has a rich musical history and many rituals that can still be seen in the streets. Many famous Brazilian musicians come from Bahia, like Caetano Veloso or the group Olodum.

It is the fifth city in Brazil, with a population of two million people. Located on top a hill that looks over a gorgeous bay, Salvador de Bahia has many places to visit and has a fantastic Portuguese colonial architecture to appreciate. It is known as the city of the 365 churches and people say you can visit one per day all over the year.

Its nice climate all year round and great beaches and islands nearby make Salvador a temptation for many visitors to return every year.

Salvador is divided into two levels as it is located over a riff that connects the upper and the lower part of the city. In the upper site, called 'Cidade alta'(high city), you can visit the historical center with many colonial buildings and great views of the bay. In the lower site, called 'Cidade baixa' (low city), you will find the port and the market. Both levels are connected by a great elevator called the Lacerda which is also one of the touristic attractions of the city.

Salvador is the land of a fabulous Carnival, which transforms the city into a big joyful celebration. Its many stone streets and colorful houses are the scenery of this popular rite where everybody is invited. Even though not as famous worldwide as Rio Carnival, it is one of the most exciting of Brazil. The main difference is that in Salvador there?s no big Sambodromo such as the one in Rio, and everything happens in the streets. There are no spectators as everybody is invited to participate.

Salvador is the land of the famous writer Jorge Amado, which in his novels made a rich description of the Carnival in Salvador. You can visit his house in a nice square called Pelourinho, an icon of the city.


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