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The backpackers guide to Brazillian Portuguese

Backpacking must know phrases!

Hello -oi/ola
How are you - como voce esta?
All good - tudo bem
Good Morning - bom dia
Please - por favor
Thankyou very much - muito obrigado (males) /  muito obrigada (females)
Do you speak English - Voce' fala ingles?
What is your name - qual e' seu nome?
How much is it - quanto custa?
Where is.... - onde fica......?
What time is it - que hore e' ?
I need a beer - eu preciso de uma cerveja
Can I pay be credit card - eu posso pagar com cartao?

Numbers from 1 to 10 in Portuguese

Number Name & Pronunciation Number Name & Pronunciation


 um (oong)

6 seis (say-eez)
2 dois (doh-eez) 7 sete (seh-chee)
3 tres (tdehz)


oito (oh-ee-toh)
4 quatro (kwah-tdoo) 9 nove (noh-vee)
5 Cinco (sing-koh) 10 dez (dez)

Standard Portuguese Greetings

If you're speaking Portuguese, knowing the right questions to ask goes a long way toward helping you make friends in Brazil and Portugal. The following list shows some common questions and greetings.

·         How are you? Tudo bem? (too-doh bang)

·         How are things? Como vai? (koh-moh vah-ee)

·         Bye! Tchau! (chah-ooh)

·         See you later! Até logo! (ah-the loh-goo)

·         See you tomorrow! Até amanhã! (ah-teh ah-mang-yah)

·         What?s your name? Qual é seu nome? (kwah-ooh eh seh-ooh noh-mee)

·         Where are you from? De onde é? (jee ohn-jee eh)

·         Do you speak English? Fala inglês? (fah-lah eeng-glehz)

·         What's your e-mail address? Qual é seu e-mail? (kwah-ooh eh seh-ooh ee-meh-ooh)

·         What do you like to do? O que gosta de fazer? (ooh kee goh-stah jee fah-zeh)

Portuguese Exclamations

To show excitement or appreciation for something, you speak in exclamations. Exclamations in Portuguese are much the same as in English, as the following list, which translates some common expressions of enthusiasm, shows:

·         Cool! Legal! (lay-gow)

·         Great! Utimo! (oh-chee-moh)

·         How beautiful! Que bonito! (kee boo-nee-too)

·         I love it! Adoro! (ah-doh-doo)

·         How delicious! Que gostoso! (kee goh-stoh-zoo)

How to Conjugate Regular Portuguese Verbs in Present Tense

Regular verbs in Portuguese end in -ar, -er, and -ir. For the present tense of the verb, just take off the ending and add -o, -a, -amos or -am. The following list shows the conjugation for the -ar verb falar (fah-lah; to speak):

·         Eu falo. I speak.

·         Você fala. You speak.

·         Ele/ela fala. He/she speaks.

·         Nós falamos. We speak.

·         Eles falam. They speak.

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