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Argentina bus pass and backpacking network with.....

Green Toad Bus Argentina!

Cheap bus pass for backpacking Argentina. The super comfortable Argentina buses are the best way to travel around and now you can book online and enjoy our easy and cheap Argentina bus passes!


Select where you wish to begin your Argentina Bus Pass and see what we offer to get you to the places you wish to see. In some of your destinations we include some truly amazing Argentine activities to complement your travel in the land of Guachos, Tango, beef, and wine!


Backpack how you want to backpack Argentina! Not on an organized tour which tells you where to go and what to do, but design your bus pass exactly how you want it. With a Green Toad Bus Pass backpacking Argentina by bus is cheap, fun and designed how you want it!

Argentine Day Trip

Iguazu Falls Day Trip

Iguazu Falls Day Trip

Pick-up from Puerto Iguazu Hotel/ Return to Puerto Iguazu Hotel If you wish to be dropped off after the tour at another destination such as the airpo...


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Get your Hop-on with the Toad!

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Exploring the wine country of Argentina

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Buenos Aires to Brazil by bus with the Green Toad!
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Buenos Aires to Brazil by bus with the Green Toad!

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Included Activities

Iguazu Falls Bus

We include the most popular Argentina Activities to do when you visit some of our destinations. Soon you will be exploring trails around the famous Iguazu Falls, dancing Tango in Buenos Aires and horse-riding with real Gauchos. Click here to find out Argentina's Included Activities.

Argentina Hostels

Argentina Hostels

New Argentina hostels are popping up everyday, and many offer great savings along with top quality service. If you are backpacking in Argentina then you are likely to stay in hostels and we can recommend some of the best! Click here for recommended Argentina Hostels!

Backpack Argentina

Backpacking Argentina

Argentina is an ideal country for backpackers: its extension makes it the second largest country in South America and it offers the most varied and contrasting landscapes, cultural activities and events. Click here to read more about Backpacking Argentina!

Green Toad Bus :: Argentina Backpacker Guide

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