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Included Activity in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio Favela Tour

Favela Tour in Rio de Janeiro

The mountainous topography of Rio de Janeiro houses thousands of people living in impoverished communities, with million dollar views. Favela is a Brazilian term used for Shanty town, and many sprung-up in the 70's from displaced populations. Your visit to the Favelas will reveal the heart of Rio culture, the urban sounds and the energy of its people. You will learn the story of the community, their social codes, and about the organizations working to better the community.

From the bottom of the Favela you will be driven by motor-taxi to the top. An hour's walk, will take you through the heartbeat of this unique community, coming in close contact with the locals. Visit an art studio and two Favela schools. The art studio is called the Culture Project (Casa de Cultura) and it aims to showcase local artists creating works which represent the local spirit, history and culture. Following on from this is the Daycares Centre. This is an initiative where local and multinational companies have joined forces to provide a venue for the education and development of the Favela's local youth. Donations of clothes, food and medicine are always welcome!

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