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Sambadrome Parade Tickets

Sambadrome Parade Tickets

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Rio Carnival 2013 | ,11 2012

The Green Toad Bus Team are going to Rio Carnival!

The Green Toad Bus Team are going to Rio Carnival!

Rio, home to one of the seven new wonders of the world, famous for its beautiful beaches and beautiful people and host to one of the worlds biggest parties.....Rio Carnival!

You may be wondering why all the excitement and hype about Rio Carnival 2013 which doesnt start until February. The reason is that in 2013 the Green Toad Bus Team are going again!

We are very excited indeed and some of us have even started planning our Carnival outfits, the gold glitter is ready to go!

The Green Toad Bus Team will be there LIVE at Carnival and you can join us with our 2013 Carnival Package in Lapa! This is what we do year after year to make sure our Green Toad Bus Customers get the best from their Carnival experience! We will have our help desk set up right in the heart of things! We will be providing you with your included Carnival Package Sambadrome tickets, onward travel advice and of course, information as to where the best places to be are!

Lapa zone is the heart of Carnival both day and night. By day it is filled with street sellers offering you some amazing outfit choices for your own Carnival wardrobe! Parties break out spontaneously on the street and you are never far from the action. By night Lapa comes alive! The famous Lapa arches are buzzing with people, locals and tourists alike, who all come together to have the time of their lives!

Click here to see our Rio Carnival 2013 Carnival Package!

So why the excitement?  I have been asking myself the same thing.  We have all been many times before and we are even getting old now (some of us!) and should be dreading the sleepless nights and relentless parties.  But no - Rio Carnival is something else entirely!

For me it is the fact that I get to see so many people having a great time and witnessing the whole City come alive.  Time stands still and you can kind of forget about everything else in the world for one glorious week! People fill the streets, all ages, all walks of life and you just get carried away with it all (sometimes literally!)

There is something for everyone at Carnival and in Rio.  If you like to spend the day on the beach then you have plenty of beautiful beaches to choose from including the famous Copacabana or the smaller but quieter Leblon beach.  You also have the must sees such as Christ the Redeemer, Sugar Loaf Mountain, Favela Tour or exploring the bohemian district of Santa Teresa.  

My personal favourite experiences of Carnival are vast but have to include:

  • Going to breakfast in my hotel and seeing 2 people spray painted head to toe blue just having a cup of coffee.
  • Walking out of aforementioned hotel (inside a haven of peace and joy) to literally be swept away by a crowd of drum playing, semi-naked Brazilians and having a Caipirinha shoved in my hand and told to dance. So I did, for several hours!
  • Getting dressed up as a Carnival fairy and spray painting myself gold and then seeing my 6ft2 male friend doing a not too dissimilar thing.
  • Getting lucky enough to grab a Carnival costume from the dancers at the Sambadrome at the end of the parade.
  • Having a hangover beer to cure everything whilst watching the sunset on Ipanema beach.

  • So come and see us when you are in Rio and help us share many more great Carnaval experiences. Spray yourselves blue or pink or gold or all three and have the best time of your lives!



Rakesh | 12 de septiembre

Sounds amazing, count me in!



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