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Sambadrome Parade Tickets

Sambadrome Parade Tickets

SECTOR 12 or 13 Cheap Sambadrome Tickets or upgrade to better seats. Tickets available for the Sunday 15 February or the Monday 16th February Para...


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Rio Carnival Package 2014 | December,04 2013

Rio Carnival Package 2014 - Once in a Lifetime

Rio Carnival Package 2014 - Once in a Lifetime

Its almost time again for Rio de Janeiro to welcome people from all around the world for one of the greatest global parties out there - The Rio Carnival. The event attracts around five million people annually, almost a million of those travelling to Rio from abroad. For the 2014 Rio Carnival the Green Toad is again offering a cheap Carnival Hotel Package in Lapa.

The Lapa district offers the most authentic opportunities to get involved in the real Rio Carnival, because this is the place where the original parties were born. Samba bellows from the streets day and night, as people from all over Rio get dressed in costumes and head to Lapa to participate in the neighborhoods famous Blocos. This makes the Lapa area ideal for those wishing to experience the best of the Rio Street Carnival. During the Carnival festivities, Lapa just does not stop! 

The 6 Day / 5 Night Carnival Package
Green Toad is offering the following package so you too can go to Rio Carnival cheap in 2014!

  • 5 Night Stay in Lapa Hotel
  • Buffet Breakfast every morning
  • Hotel Carnival Help Desk
  • Entrance ticket to the famous Samba Parade
  • Group escort from Hotel to Sambadrome
  • Trip to a traditional Bloco Street Party with us
  • Carnival T-Shirt

You will also have the chance to experience extra activities that this amazing city has to offer, such as going to a football (soccer) game, heading to the beaches, taking tours to the Sugar Loaf Mountain and Christ the Redeemer, plus the local infamous bars and nightclubs of Lapa will show you why nightlife in Rio de Janeiro is one the best in the world. 


Rio Carnival Package in Lapa
In 2014 we will again take over a nice hotel in the Lapa district which is located close to the city center, with easy access to shops, restaurants, and the famous Lapa bars and street parties. The beach areas are easily reached by bus or the cities subway system. At our Lapa hotel our highly trained staff will be on hand ready to support your Carnival visit with their valuable and useful information about whats going on daily. They are also good at sorting you out with directions, tours, schedules and other services; making sure you have the best Carnival experience.

The nearby neighborhood of Santa Teresa, is an extra bonus for anyone who enjoys culture and art because this neighbourhood is host to antique plazas and houses that were built during the colonial period; and also to some of the best Blocos during the 5 days.  The Sambadrome is the famous purpose built street which is flanked by grandstands, where thousands of people go to watch the Samba Parades during Carnival, and this is also very close to Lapa.


Last Year's Rio Carnival Package
We asked Diego Marcel, our Carnival Co-ordinator, a few quick questions about Carnival packages with the Green Toad.

How was Carnival in 2013 with the Green Toad?
: Excellent! We made great friends at last years Carnival - during the Sambadrome pre-party, we even had our own Caipirinha maker mixing drinks from a cart outside our hotel - it was our own private street bar! *laughs*. Over a hundred people joined in on the fun and happiness; we hope to repeat it in 2014.

Why choose Lapa as your base for Carnival?
DIEGO: Lapa has the real Brazilian Carnival: you will be able to see Blocos in the streets with people wearing costumes and a lot of interaction between visitors and locals. The district is perfectly located close to everything in Rio, with smooth access to Copacabana beach and the Christ the Redeemer.

What is the difference between what Green Toad offers when compared to other companies?
: We are all backpackers that love travelling around the world, having a good time; we know the real needs of our clients and with that, we are able to offer them a great experience at Carnival. We have also made the festival affordable and comfortable compared to what many of the Rio hostels are offering.


How does the Sambadrome access work?
: We use our Hotel in Lapa as a base - it's 30 minutes from the Sambadrome by foot. On the parade day, we get together at the hotel and party a little bit - you can purchase cheap beer and Caipirinha; after that, we head to the Sambadrome in a group, its like our own Carnival Bloco, dancing Samba on the way to the parade.

What are the expectations for Carnival in 2014?
DIEGO: It will be fun, for sure. We expect more people to come party with the Green Toad and something new for Carnival 2014 is that we are going to take everyone to participate in a Carnival Bloco on one of the days. Visits to the Copacabana and Ipanema beaches are also confirmed - and of course, the big night at the Sambadrome, where everyone will enjoy the atmosphere of the biggest party in the world.

Any final message for people thinking about coming to Rio de Janeiro for Carnival?
DIEGO: There is no doubt that the Rio Carnival is the greatest party in Brazil, a unique experience - it is impossible not to have fun. Just come and see for yourself why you have to do Rio Carnival at least once in a lifetime.



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