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South American Packages

A bus pass allows you to pre-book your local buses and then change your dates of travel if required. Included in the bus pass are must-do activities and your chance to book recommended hostels and extra activities. These are self-guided independent packages. Click the link above to see our bus passes!

Our backpacker tours offer you excellent adventures, a wide choice of destinations and short itineraries; perfect for those with-out the luxury of ample time, and who do not wish to spend the big tour prices otherwise on offer. These aren't for those who like to be pampered; they are for people who like backpacking, staying in hostels, and don't mind roughing it a bit to get the real travel experiences. Click link above to see our Backpacker tour

Brazil Carnaval offers one of the greatest experiences on earth, and usually you have to pay through the roof to experience it. Not with the Green Toad Bus! Click on the link above to see our Cheap Carnival package!

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