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Travel by Bus to Huaraz and the Cordilleras!

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Huaraz is an unforgettable destination in Peru. Even though it is not on the popular "Gringo trail" circuit, it is a dazzling region where you can find the best snow capped mountains in Peru. If you love trekking, then this is your place!

Huaraz is located in a mountainous region close to the highest peaks of Peru. The city of Huaraz is the starting point for many excursions into its surrounding beauty. The place is full of backpackers either planning their trips into the mountains or coming back from one; and of those just wanting to have some fun. There are lots of shops hiring everything you need for a trekking adventure, all willing to offer their expert advice as well.

The White Range or "Cordillera Blanca" is the most popular destination, but you can also visit the Black Range or "Cordillera Negra". These two beautiful ranges are connected by a great valley with a trail known as the "Alley of the Huaylas," accessible to anyone who wants adventure and the best views.  

You can also visit the Huascaran National Park which holds many fascinating treks for everybody: from easy one day trips to those for highly trained people. You can climb the Huascaran Peak, the highest in Peru with 6770 meters high.  South of Huaraz you can also visit the Hayhuash Range where you can climb Yerupajá, the second highest peak in Peru with its 6600 meters.

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