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Backpackers know that the cheapest and most fun way to see the world is to hop from hostel to hostel meeting a world of other travellers. Enjoy meeting like-minded people while travelling with the Green Toad Bus, on the road and at the varied hostel options around Peru and Bolivia.

It´s easy! Arrange your trip the way you want.

Choosing a Hostel

Green Toad Bus offers you the freedom to choose the hostel you prefer in every destination. Find your hostels when you arrive or for added security, book them before you leave.

Hostels in Peru and Bolivia

Traveling in South America is amazing and you must come here to really understand it. Peru and Bolivia are great destinations but you must be aware of some details. If you´re an experienced traveller you may not be surprised about Peruvian and Bolivian hostels. In general they´re cheap and safe enough and they´re by far the best place to meet interesting people. Depending on the city, the quality of the hostel may differ, and in some cases the places you stay will surpass youe expectation. In general they offer private and shared rooms, and in most cases toilets are shared. There is usually a place for cooking and eating, and they can keep your luggage safe after checking out if you want to take advantage of your last day in the streets or are returning a couple of days later

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